Why I’m Running


We need a four-lane road, at least from Hazard to London, so that companies and people can come here, build here, and grow here. This will help our economy and make our roads safer. This is a top priority for me.
We need clean drinking water for our citizens. There is a proposal to build a lake in Clay County. If we have a strong voice in Frankfort, we can make this proposal a reality and increase tourism, improve drinking water, and stimulate economic development for the 90th District.


For too long teachers have had to do a lot with very little. I was a teacher. I was a school administrator. How many other professions require bake sales to buy supplies? I want to make sure teachers and school districts have the resources they need to provide the best education possible.
Education is crucial to building a workforce that is prepared to meet the needs of today’s industries. While the education of children is central, workforce retraining will make all the difference in the development of our regional economy. As Superintendent in Jackson County, I worked with state, federal, and local government to build the first new vocational school in Kentucky since 1974. Facilities like this help train people with the skills they need to get good paying jobs as plumbers, electricians, and nurse aides just to name a few. The possibilities are endless.


A pension is a promise. It is the state’s promise to workers who devote their careers to public service. A good pension plan attracts quality people to state and local government employment in education, healthcare, law enforcement, and others. It is crucial that we keep our promise by making sure that our pensions are funded. 


The 90th District has some of the highest rates of cancer and heart disease in the United States of America. How many loved ones have we lost to these diseases? How many more might we lose? Access to health insurance and health care providers is a major key to fighting these diseases and protecting our loved ones and ourselves. Increased access to health insurance gives people who would never have have the ability to see a doctor the opportunity to receive preventative tests and care to keep them healthy, fix what is wrong, and keep them strong.
Rural hospitals across our Commonwealth are in jeoporady! The 90th District is no exception, with rural hospitals critically needed in Clay, Laurel, and Leslie Counties that serve rural patients. We cannot afford to lose these valuable resources for the sake of our family and friends.
As a member of the North Fork Valley Community Health Center Board, I am committed to improving the quality of healthcare for eastern Kentucky and maintaining access to rural healthcare. In Frankfort I will continue my tireless fight for healthcare for our people.


If we can address these issues, the 90th District will be able to compete for jobs with the rest of the Commonwealth. Every other region in Kentucky has these things. Why not us? There are those in Frankfort and Washington DC, who would have you believe that this too much. The fact of the matter is it is not enough, but it is a place to start.
If you have any questions on any other issue please reach out to me through the contact page.